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Watch-chain or Rat-tail crassula in Brown drum pot

Watch-chain or Rat-tail crassula in Brown drum pot

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Plant: Watch-chain or Rat-tail crassula. This plant is grown for its foliage and has  fern-like flaming flat leaves with bright green hues

Pot Material: Ceramic

Special properties: a low-maintenance succulent that looks like a fern

Location: Indoor/ Outdoor

Light: Bright light throughout the day aids in good growth. Avoid direct harsh sunlight.

Watering: Water sparingly allowing for complete dry-out periods between watering. 

Growing MixSandy soil with good drainage and aeration. Our succulent potting mix has sand, vermicompost, perlite, microbes, and natural soil enhancers.
All our plants come with a plant-specific potting mix that is enriched with a year's worth of compost. 

Toxicity: Toxic to pets and humans. 

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