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Succulent in Blue Elephant

Succulent in Blue Elephant

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PlantSucculents (various varieties)

Pot Material: Ceramic 

Location: Indoor/Outdoor

Light: Indirect bright sunlight. Avoid harsh sunlight as the plant size is small.

Watering: Once a week if placed in bright sunlight. Reduce watering depending on light conditions. Water only when the top one inch of the potting mix is dry. Shrivelled leaves indicated less than optimal watering, and yellowing soft leaves indicated excess watering.

Growing Mix: Sandy soil with good drainage and aeration. Our succulent potting mix has river sand, vermicompost, perlite, microbes, and natural soil enhancers.
All our plants come with a plant-specific potting mix that is enriched with a year's worth of compost. 

Toxicity: Non-toxic to pets and humans

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